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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2010 6:30am-7:00am PST

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make the casino as welcoming as the home of a good friend, and the food simple, beautiful, and delicious. there were very successful. casino soon became a thriving hub of the community, attracting a loyal and eclectic clientele. folks lined up for their morning coffee drinks and homemade baked goods. they are committed to working with the community, and have regular events that include partnering with local businesses. as casino enters its fifth year, they are moving to a larger space one block down, at the corner of 22nd and minnesota street, at their new home, in a gorgeously restored building that dates to 1859. it will provide ample dining room seating. they were successful. they took their time. and the folks made the move to a bigger place. way to go. expanding the spirit of community, casino is working to
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bring farmers markets to the neighborhood, as well as turning a vacant patch of land into a community garden. thank you for your culinary traditions and your community support and commitment. congratulations. [applause] >> thank you for this recognition. it is really appreciated. president chiu: now, we have supervisor avalos from district 11. supervisor avalos: due to the rigors of the restaurant industry, the restaurant i am honoring today is not able to make it here today. but i want to honor them.
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they have been struggling in a difficult place at mission and excelsior, a difficult place to have a restaurant. they are making a go at it. i want to encourage their success by honoring their work here tonight. also, i will be going to have, next thursday, november 4, at 6:30, a family night, inviting people from all across the city to come to zab thai in the excelsior district. everyone is welcome to come to that event. they opened their doors in 2008 with a promise to provide tasty, healthy food, and excellent, friendly service. zab is a traditional word for the northeastern part of thailand, used for a dish that is tasty, spicy, and full of flavors. zab thai is the second
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generation of the yamo thani restai restaurant in the missio. the owners of zab are the sons of the owners of yamo's. please join me there. i will be presenting the board at the dinner of honor at that time. -- i will be presenting the award at the dinner of honor at that time. among to honor a service and program in our public health department. -- i want to honor a service and program in our public health department. we have members in our audience of general health services. if you want to join us at the podium, coming forward is frank brat and dr. joe gold and
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steenstein. jail health services are the unsung heroes of our public health department, especially because over the past few years we have been playing back and forth with whether we are going to contract out the services or not. each of the past couple of years i have been in office, we prevented that from happening. it would be a great loss if that were ever to happen. i know that the work that jail health services does is truly the work of compassion. it is the work of making sure that we have the most vibrant and strong public health department we can. it is inside and outside of the jails where our public health system needs to be strong in order to ensure that the public health department is meeting its mission. their mission is to provide respectful, high-quality health care in san francisco county
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jails from an individual and community health perspective. the provide a comprehensive and integrated system of medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse services to inmates in san francisco county jails. the provide health and related services consistent with community standards, as detailed by the california medical association standards for health services in adult detention as well as mandates from the court and other criminal justice agencies. delivering quality care to a diverse population and often does not utilize existing health services, particularly early intervention care, prior to being incarcerated was a challenge. inmates have acute mental health, substance abuse, and social programs. incarceration provides a unique opportunity to address health problems that otherwise would not be addressed until much later in the course. jill health services pursues an
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aggressive program of health promotion and disease prevention to stabilize these problems while individuals are incarcerated. jail health services provides discharge planning services to maintain health when image return to the community. this is a program that destroyed to be vital, the aids project, which provides services for hiv- positive men and women in san francisco county jails. the aids project center of excellence is a stand alone center working collectively with all coes in the community. 50% of its clients are shared with center for excellence throughout the city of san francisco. jill health services provided the following services in the last fiscal year. 28,000 patients triaged. 117,000 registered nurse evaluations.
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17,000 clinician visits performed. 5237 patients screened for tuberculosis. 400,000 patients screened for gonorrhea. 4001 patients screened for chlamydia. 3700 patients seen by a dentist. 800,000 mental health evaluations which would not have been received. 32,000 mental-health follow-up visits performed. 1788 hiv risk assessments and test provided. 8800 and calendars provided for hiv-positive patients. this is the work done in our jails the needs to continue. this is the work you do out of the compassion of your heart. it needs to continue. i honor you today at the board of supervisors. did you for your work. -- thank you for your work. [applause] >> thank you very much.
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on behalf of our staff, we want to thank you and the other supervisors for both this commendation but more importantly all the support you have given us over the years that has allowed us to continue providing important public health service that we provide for our patients in the county jails. without your support, we probably would not be here. we extremely appreciate all of your efforts over the years. thank you very much. [applause] president chiu: before the staff
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from jail health leave, our colleague has something he wants to say. supervisor avalos: i wanted to thank -- supervisor campos: i want to thank supervisor avalos for recognizing jail health services. as he indicated, over the last two or three years the question of whether or not the city would contract out these services has been an ongoing one. it is something that -- i can imagine if i did the work that you did how stressful that would be. i want to thank you as the supervisor for district 9 for everything that you do for san francisco and for the fact that throughout a very uncertain time you have remained steadfast in your commitment to very
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important work. it is easy in difficult financial times to target people who probably are among the least popular in society, but i do think that how we treat those individuals is something that ultimately defines who we are as a city, and the fact that san francisco has been and continues to be committed to making sure that those individuals receive the health care and treatment that they need, i think says something about the kind of city that we are. and i want to thank you for your commitment, and for hanging in there and not giving up. for sticking through it, even in a very difficult time. it has been my honor to see that. i just want you to know that your work is appreciated.
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i am very proud and honored to be a san franciscan because of what you do. thank you. [applause] supervisor maxwell: wells said. there is not a lot to add to that. ever since i have been here, 10 years now, every year you have them on the carpet. and every year you have stayed because people feel and know what you do. how can somebody do better when their teeth hurt? how can they do better when they are sick? you understand that. i want you to know how much we appreciate it and how much what you do means to all of us, because it means a lot to the men and women in my district. it means a lot to their parents. it means a lot to all of us. thank you for all that you do. thank you. [applause] president chiu: we had a momentary detour into the
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special commendation for jail services. we're going to go back to restaurants. we have 2 you will more restaurants we want to acknowledge. the first will be the knowledge by the mayor's office. >> kelly pressler from the office of workforce development. i want to ask debra blum to come forward, recognizing beretta. since 2008, they have been soaring -- serving contemporary italian food. this is marinated olives, recipes with ricotta selig, and a variety of recipes that make it a destination of dining locations. the pizza comes with everything from potatoes and rosemary to cauliflower to rose mary potatoes. -- to tomatoes. they have ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. there ever evolving cocktail
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list is known for taking the best of the classics while adding a san francisco flair. beretta has regularly committed to the committee. when i opened their doors, they committed some of their sales to supporting a family which had lost their homes earlier that year. they participated in the street food festival in august, a benefit for la cocina. they served me ball subs and cocktails. the participated in the cocktail week earlier this year, promoting a little bit of a friendly rivalry by hosting a guest bartender from new york. they employ 55. the management team is responsible for bella roassa, starbelly, and others. i want to thank supervisor
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alioto-pier for recognizing restaurants as a cornerstone of our community and why we are so vibrant. there is some truth that people come to san francisco from a variety of reasons -- temperate weather, a national beauty, are fantastic baseball team, but one reason people choose to stay is for the incredible food available here. beretta fits that bill. beretta is the mayor's choice for outstanding san francisco restaurant, and show how local small businesses did so much back to the city. on behalf of mayor newsom, i want to thank them for their service to the city and county of san francisco. [applause] >> thank all of you for your recognition and your support. that is such a great speech i do not know what to say. i have been in this business for about 26 years. i am delighted to have settled in san francisco.
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i stayed here for logger than i expected. i have been fortunate to work for and with some amazing restaurant owners and business owners. i want to thank them for that opportunity and to recognize my partners and staff. we have put a lot of heart and soul into this restaurant. we are honored to be a part of the business and part of the community of the city. thank you very much. president chiu: i will make the last presentation for a wonderful restaurant in district 3. unfortunately, as i mentioned before, the manager of the restaurant had to go back to open up his restaurant for the evening. i have to admit that i was not looking forward to having to make a selection for this
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afternoon's presentation. i have been told that per square mile district 3 contains more restaurants than any district in the city. it was an incredibly difficult choice, like trying to pick our favorite giants player. rather than trying to select my favorite chinese restaurant from chinatown or my favorite italian restaurant from north beach or my favorite high and restaurant recognized by is agates -- zagats, i tried to recognize a lesser known cuisine. helmand's palicace serves amazig cuisine related to afghanistan with an array of some of the most well-known and well loved dishes including pumpkin khadu. it is named after the longest river in afghanistan. it is adorned with many photos that depict traditional life in
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that country. in december of 2007, there was a famous landslide that occurred on telegraph hill that closed helmand's restaurant on broadway. fortunately, the 16 year-old restaurant relocated to russian hill, where it has been serving residents and visitors from around the world with amazing cuisine. i am sorry they are not here but encourage everyone to go visit. with that, i would like to recognize cavan wesley from the golden gate restaurant association and thank you for helping to both organize today's event and representing the restaurant industry. i would like to give you a moment to say a few words. >> face you very much to all of you for honoring the restaurant community today. i think he saw men, women, and families that are hard working. three of the restaurants honored
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had to leave to go manage their restaurants. that gives you an idea of what life in the restaurant business is like. we have heard about ethnic restaurants. we heard about restaurants that had children's and night. we heard about more and less formal restaurants, the great diversity of the community. we thank you for recognizing that. we also heard about jobs in restaurants produce, people they employ, charity benefit, and try to become part of the fabric of their community. we thank you for recognizing that and honoring the industry. i think that this represents a watershed day for the restaurant industry in the fact that we have now been recognized by the city. there is also a group with the mayor's workforce development group that is working to streamline the permit process. we feel a real sense of cooperation and recognition. we look forward to working with you in the future.
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thank you very much. [applause] president chiu: thank you very much. that concludes our commendations for today, if we can now move to the adoption without committee reference calendar. >> items the the five through 40 are for adoption without committee reference. there will be adopted by a rollcall vote unless a member asks for discussion of a vote to be considered separately. supervisor mar: item 40. president chiu: called the roll on items 35 through 39. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor maxwell: aye. supervisor mirkarimi: aye. supervisor avalos: aye. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: aye. supervisor chu: aye. supervisor daly: aye. supervisor dufty: aye. >> there are 10 ayes. president chiu: those
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resolutions are adopted. >> item 40 is a resolution urging the governor of california to reinstate stage three child care funding of $256 million to protect 1214 children in san francisco and 81,000 children in california to save thousands of jobs and urge the first five commission to provide bridge funding until december 2010. supervisor mar: we have michelle rutherford, the child-care director for the department of human services and member of the first five commission. she has information to respond to parent voices from community leaders who have spoken about earlier about the draconian cuts that will affect 1214 families in san francisco, and how we can provide some temporary support while the assembly speaker and others at the state level try to
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find a fix for this, which affects 81,000 families statewide who may lose a child care on november 1. i wondered if you could comment. >> these families are all former welfare families who moved from welfare to work. they have moved through stage to. -- two. the funding for these families does not flow to the city, in direct contrast with the department of education and children's council, who the city also has a contract with. calworks child care and our other city subsidies were notified on october 12 that the governor had blue pencilled stage three after a lot of advocacy in the state. that basically is eliminating
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the support for the care of these families' children. we worked hard to get notices out to families. we also adapted the process that was suggested by the state. the state had suggested that we tell families to get on the waiting list. we determined that we would automatically put families on the waiting list and they could tell us if they did not want to be there. certainly, these families want to have continuity. the state did not allow them to have continuity from contract to contract, so there was not a way for us to automatically move them to other contractors operated by the state. the trailer bill eliminated that possibility in terms of the governor's cut and the toe -- and veto. to be candid, we have been scrambling, trying to find
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alternatives for families. there are a lot of desperate families out there. i think you just heard from a couple. for every one of them, there are hundreds of others. there are nearly 970 families. at the state level, there is a move afoot and a lot of assurance and outreach that this has happened. negotiations with state first five around a bill -- the issue is using first $5, the tobacco dollars. it is locally sensitive for us because it is one-time money. we are on a reserve. we are on declining revenue. at the same time, i have been in discussion with the deputy director of first five. she was at the state meeting where this was discussed and i did talk about the possibility of doing loans, but that that
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would have to be a local collaboration. this is on the agenda tomorrow for the first five commission joint fiscal and program committee. we will be talking about it. hopefully, it will be approved to go forward to the full commission. one limitation is that of is thf these 1214 children, not all of them are 0-5. this is about 469 of the children and 1.4 million of what the costs would be. in the meantime, we are seeing
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any of the -- if any of them have had an incident of aid. we will be doing orientations and our reach to families during nontraditional hours. that is the picture. >> thank you. i really appreciate it. thank you to the parents for organizing this.
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the board of supervisors, i will be sure that i will notify my colleagues in different efforts to have this funding at a different level. without objection, this resolution is adopted. do we have any in the mornings for today? >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the final individuals. on behalf of president chiu, supervisor chu for the lat neal. on behalf of the full board. >> madame clerk, is there any more business in front of the board? colleagues, we are adjourn for
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the day. >> about four years ago, [inaudible] look at how beautiful this was. there is our relationship to the
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planet. these regions are the wealthiest, the most powerful. that really has impacted the planet. it is almost impossible now to go anywhere and had it really be completely dark. there are very few locations that you can find. that means our relationship to the sky, there is a way where we dominate the sky. we cannot see anything really. we are blinding ourselves in a way. >> you can look at the images, they are beautiful.
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when i started four years ago, there was a conversation about environmental issues that was very different. this is not being talked about in the way it is now. . this has just been like an amazing growth. i anticipate the project to be something that opens a dialogue to public interest in these ideas. so the work is really made to be seen in this environment. it's been show in museum, in gallery, but never in a public setting. and it's kind of ideal for both myself and


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